Mangalore Blog expertise required

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

It's quite sometime since I've been trying to tweak the website design and figure a way to monetize the blog. If I could figure the best way out, I would have done it by now.
But here's where I need help. If you are from Mangalore and if you can share some of your time with me to help improve my blog and figure out blog monetization, as I really have not much of a clue regarding this, I could really use your help.

Please let me know, you may email me at or post in my comments below, whichever you prefer.
Any help would be appreciated.

I know most of you tell me to just tinker along the web and figure it out myself but it's taking me time. I need specific videos, tutorials, tips, anything.....and if you are from Mangalore, it's all the more better for me. I like taking things in my own hand and having it all under my control. Right now, I can't say much about that.