Tramontina Dynamic Steak Knife Review

Hola! Today I was busy cooking. So I thought I would review something close to my kitchen's heart :)
I recently purchased this Tramontina Steak knife. I was so ecstatic to see this Brazilian range of knives here in India. I noticed them at Auchan hypermarket first. I just had to have them then and there. I chose the steak knife, they had a good discount running so it just made me pick it up instantly.
My love for Tramontina is no secret. The first time I discovered it was two years ago. When my sister was caring for her infant, I went over to help her out. In those days it was very hard to cook food with so much work on our hands, that we decided to employ a chef. The chef was from Sri Lanka, he would visit our home each evening with his sweet wife.
We'd give him a menu daily and he would prepare things swiftly. He would do the chopping and his wife would put the dish together.
One day when I happened to go to the kitchen , I saw him swearing and throwing the knife we had in the air. He was so frustrated and I asked him what was wrong. He said it was not professional quality and that they were used only to professional quality knives in their sous kitchen at a very fancy hotel in Dubai. So I asked him what knife he wanted and he described a white knife by the name of 'Tramontina' He said it was made in Brazil and that it was superb.
I purchased the knife he had asked me to. Boy, was it sharp!! He knew what he was talking about. The knife slid through countless onions, tomatoes and herbs like a seasoned chef. It was a marvel to use and I was thanking my stars that I came across this marvel. I mean who would think that a knife could make all that difference. But it did and it did so well!!
So imagine, my excitement when I saw this here. I chose the one I wanted carefully. I could not find the particular white knife that we had got earlier but settled for this one.
I have to say from the very start of using this I was sorely and extremely disappointed. It was absolutely not worth the purchase and I felt like I was ripped off.

I always check the labels before buying and sure enough it said made in Brazil. Sure enough, I decided to just keep this at the back somewhere or just use it for minor chopping work. It's absolutely no where close to the knife I had in mind. So I suggest if you want a knife, stay away from this particular one. It is not sharp enough and I would prefer other steak knives over this one.

What is your favorite knife brand? Do let me know in the comments below. I love collecting kitchen tools.



  1. We too use some Germany brand. They are really good!

  2. lol... i wondered why you'd review a knife!!
    but yeah i have had my share of bad experiences with knives, now am good... though i dont remember the brand name (too lazy to go to kitchen to check... lol), mine is germany made too!!

  3. Hi Sangita :) I am funny that way but practical too, na. Cos come on, I've been searching and searching for good knives all my life. We end up having to cook for ourselves so I don't mind spending even Rs.1000 on a really, really good knife that would last me well and do the job.
    Oh, go check your knife and tell me :)

  4. I use Anjali. Its good. I don't remember it being expensive. Its been 2 years.

    1. Thanks, Ponni. I will keep an eye out for Anjali. I've also purchased a fairly new knife recently and it was inexpensive and crazy sharp. So my search has quite well ended I guess :)