Eraser Ultra Fair Ayurvedic Fairness Cream Review

Fairness Creams, what would we do without them. And what would we do with them? hihi
This is yet another one of those random purchases when I thought maybe I need to do something about my complexion, like clear it up a bit.
It has the typical consistency and that shiny, thick feel that all of us know about from using Fair and Oh! So Lovely. It feels similar to that. Quite greasy. Maybe not as much as Fair and Lovely.

The company claims that the Ultrafair cream's ingredients do the following:

Kumkum and sandal - Natural melanin Disperser
Aloe Vera - moisturiser and protects skin from harmful rays of the sun
Akhrot - Nourishes the skin
Santra and Jasmine - removes blemishes
Turmeric and Rose - Improves complexion

 The cream in itself is a pale pink colour. Doesn't absorb into the skin quickly or at all. It stays put like a mask. Will serve it's purpose as a sun block, though.

The only thing I like about it is the smell, it's not that bad. Smells of roses and a strong sandalwood mixed with something that is almost musk. I don't mind the smell at all. I don't smell any jasmine or orange in it though the product claims to have it too. Lots of roses in here for sure.
But I can't stand the feel of it. It goes on greasy and becomes very dry, almost cakey if you put it on some really bad wrinkle. Looks very patchy and I would be caught dead trying to go out with something like this on my face. Would resemble a very pale ghost.

I did not like it's feel on my face so I never used it after the first trial. I use it now and then on my feet as feet tolerate things far better. As long as it's far, far away from my face :P
It hasn't lightened my feet even then, it may have moisturised it a tad.
Took lots of pictures to be able to show you what it really looks like, in case you are interested in buying this...for your feet :) they definitely to work on the consistency and feel of this one, if they want to keep manufacturing it. 
And so the search goes on for another cream.

The only reason I purchased this product is because it is manufactured by IPSALAB that happens to make my very favourite acne cream!! which is so difficult to source out here in Mangalore.
Happy Week, Lovelies :)

Hole in my wallet -  less than Rs.50



  1. wen i ws a kid,i got a fair n lovely sachet free wd smthing,,the very first time i used it,i remember how i hated it..that particular silky consistency n how it whitens ur face..since then never wanted anything mentioned fairness

  2. Hi S, I bought fair and lovely to test how the consistency was maybe 2 years ago, it still sucks!!! Don't know about now but this cream is ditto. It's like rubbing paste on your face.

    Lyosha, thank you for visiting, do stop by again. love :)

  3. Nice Info! There are many people who are using Herbal products for achieving more fairness.

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