Upto 60% off Reliance Trends

Whoa! Have you all been checking out the ongoing sales? There are massive blow out sales at the malls here in Mangalore. I just got back from partying in Cochin with my best friends. They have a really nice mall there too. They have about three fully functional malls but I got to check out the Oberon mall which is worth a visit. They had a Reliance Trends outlet there too that was running the 60% sale but I really loved the size of the store there compared to Mangalore. They also had a way better collection there. Why? Reliance? Why this discrepancy?

Nevertheless I skipped my way into their store and bought some stuff, just posted one of their t-shirts that I got. It was Rs.199 marked down 60%, which means I had to shell out just 80 bucks!!! Can you beat that? The T- shirt material is good too, it's not too thin unlike most t-shirts in the ladies section these days that are being manufactured. Heavy weights like me end up having bulges that look quite unsightly from the rear end. I like thicker material, they last longer and are more decent when you wear them. The extra cheese cake you gorged on won't show! :P
So do take some time out to try out stuff as most of it's going cheap. Also rein in your wallets and choose only what you need. I have a tendency to break my bank when I read the word SALE.



  1. Love the shirt, so cute!


  2. Marija, I just checked out your awesome blog, you are so BEAUTIFUL. thank you, for visiting me.