TIPS 2K Millenium color nail paint

Pinks, Bright reds, Corals are usually my colour of choice for nail paints. But once in a while I get an urge to try out something DARK or FUN. That's when I spotted this range of nail paints, they had totally cool colours. I picked up funky purple for myself. They will be available at local stores, you are not going to find them in department stores or at the mall. You will need to hunt them down in your market.
It's a deeper and brighter colour than the picture shows and it's really, really pretty.

This is somewhat the actual colour, I was trying to click pictures in different lights to be able to show you what it really turns out like.I think this picture came closest to what it turns out after applying from the bottle.The nail polish is really cheap but it did not chip like some of the expensive ones do, it stayed put for more than 4 days before it started to show any signs of wear. I am taking this picture after 4 days of application.The quality is quite good for the price.

I hope you girls have a fun time exploring all kinds of shades. Try out different looks, even if it's just a change of nail colour, you will notice it gives a nice change to your persona. After all life is all about colours.Go ahead and buy yourself some different shades to match your moods.

Hole in my wallet- Rs.15




  1. I like this color. I have been looking for a bright purple color. Where is it available? :(


  2. Megha, I bought this from Bharat Stores in market road, Mangalore. it's manufactured in Mumbai so it must be available at the local markets. Hope you can source it out there somewhere.It will really look great on you. Love, Coral :)

  3. Welcome Shruti, so nice to see you in here, thank you for your comment :)