Healthy start!

Year after year, I get frustrated on New year's eve when I can't fit into party dresses and stare at all the pretty gowns everyone gets to flaunt their beautiful figures in. Most of the time I was left feeling heavy, sad and down in the dumps. This year I decided enough is enough. I am going to take charge of my body and even though I love chocolates, pastries and fried food, I'll try my level best to curb my desires and work my way out of the rut I have been in. It's a promise to myself that if I do so, things will look better, if they don't , I will make it better. I have never promised myself anything like this before, I hope to succeed, I am determined to succeed.
    I was lucky to get a gym membership to a new spanky gym near home. Though it involved someone having to break their bank to get me in, I am making sure I don't miss a day of gym.
It's been just four days, out of which one day I couldn't breathe because I had over-exerted. Healthwise, things have not been looking up for a few years now, but today after my work out which lasted two hours. I really sweated it out, I finally started feeling good. It takes time to look good after so many years of abusing one's body but I am determined, I don't mind looking the way I do now because it's all going to change. It has to change.
   Also, I have realized that only if I can help myself can I help all those around me. To make someone else healthy and happy, we, ourselves have to be healthy and happy.
 The challege is huge for me but I am going to take baby steps. A little at a time. I already feel good. Today after my workout, I ate a good lunch at home and now as I write this, I am trying to fight off a mid-noon slump. I made myself a mug of coffee with reduced sugar but I still feel sleepy. I think I shall catch up on a tiny nap and then head out to the mall or something. I had a great day. Hope you all have a good one too. Be responsible for youself. Atleast, I am trying :)