Eating right

2013 in terms of eating was a lot of bad food choices, emotional eating and eating whatever I could find. There was no time to cook, I had a lot of hurdles to clear and hence cooking and eating nourishing food took a back seat. Way back!
And the disastrous effects started to show no sooner than I could close my mouth or try as hard to keep it closed. 
So a new year's resolve for me is to make better choices. Choices not only in food but also in relationships. One would raise a brow and think what is this girl all about. But I feel there have been some friendships that were lovingly nurtured and some very few that shot bullets at me during hardship. Either way I am always the one to keep an open heart and welcome lovingly, even the bullets, mind you that.
But this heart is too weak and it can't take any more, so good bye to the negative relationships. I've made up mind that I am not going to entertain anyone who is going to walk all over me and stamp the very last bit of warmth I can bestow upon them. This is a good bye to that too.
Coming back to food. Like my choice of friends, I want to choose food that treats me right. Because I have one body that nurtures my soul and cares for it. I want to give it a good home to live in.
It doesn't mean that I won't indulge but I will more carefully from now.
What goes in is important and I always want to make sure that it comes from the nearest natural source, as in it has to be fresh and not treated to various processing techniques. So good bye to lot of junk, processed, packaged foods that have a really long shelf life. I will not be eating any of you. I should be able to identify my food in categories such as that it has come from a tree, a garden or just been recently plucked.
Hopefully not fed a lot of chemicals, insecticides and such either.
I might also be easing up on dairy items as I find that it doesn't suit me all the time. I may use it in the occasional tea and coffee which I drink alternate days whenever I feel I may need a boost. I will also be looking at alternative options to these beverages that are healthier and lighter on my tummy.
Going wheat-free is going to be the BIGGEST Challenge. It was the previous to last year also when I chose to go gluten free completely and it was extremely beneficial for me as I lost tonnes of weight when i Did that. but this year again, i went back to wheat and lo and behold!!! Disastrous consequences. My allergies also acted up.
This is delicious Gobi Manchurian which is a very big favourite in Coastal Karnataka. You can see it being stirred up in a jiffy at the night street side stalls, melas and even the local restaurants. I love this one which is made at home but it always give me a lot of acidity after eating. I don't know why. I mean, I do eat fried food almost daily but this always gives me trouble. I am thinking of refraining from fried cauliflower for a while. It doesn't seem to be suiting me.
Also plan to eat a lot more fruits, i do eat a lot of vegetables consciously otherwise also. 
Will also increase my intake of the greens - leaves mainly. So don't call me a cow because I will get my weight back to normal as soon as possible. I am working on it.  HEALTHY 2014 Here I come :)



  1. M working on the "weight" issue too...Will take inspiration from your post hun...Loved reading every bit of it (n I too will try to stay away from bad relations!) :) n Happy New Year hun <3

    1. All of us seem to be in the same boat. It's good to have some nice resolutions to start off the year with ) Happy New year :)

  2. Good food and relationships are very important for healthy living!
    I have gone through such times where I am already in trouble and my till then sweet friends just go into hiding! It is so heart breaking and depressing! :(
    I hope you have a wonderful year ahead and succeed in your resolutions!
    Wish you a very Happy New Year!! :) :) <3

    1. Absolutely, Abidha. If the above two are taken care of almost all of life is a breeze :) It really is very depressing when friends go in hiding when you need them the most. You know, that way, when I really needed my friends and they were not there for me, I met Naz online. SHe was such amazing support and just her soothing words and prayers gave me incredible strength. God really bless people like her. Just those small moments of support took me through last year. Have a great new year, Abidha :)

  3. Wow well written and loved the clicks <3

  4. This is a great reminder! I need to eat right so badly...! Great post! :)

  5. Awesome post dear ! worth reading
    Happy New Year :)

  6. You Are So Right! Indulging is Ok But Should Be Done Within Limits! This Eating Plan is My Resolution Every Year But I Seldom Have d Motivation To Follow Up With It.. I Wish You Success ;)

    And, Your Plate.. Yum Yum Yummy!

  7. I also have weight issue and this year im definitely coming back to my shape! somehow i was missed reading ur blog! ru on bloglovin?

  8. Really a great read.. But I am planning to gain weight this new year :) :) The pics r yummy.. Happy new year C!

  9. well written,, makes sense.. we women and our weight issues.. i managed to knock off few kgs n still at it..hope ur successful in ur goal too :)