Sulfa Allergy

If you are one of those who have always had an adverse drug reaction to sulfonamide group of antibiotics, then this post is for you, my friend.

We are basically going to talk about foods that you may have to avoid if you have been classified as someone who has sulfa allergies. You very well know that when you go to your doctor for a checkup or have to get admitted for some illness, you have to HAVE to disclose and tell them to mark you as a patient with SULFA ALLERGY on your case file in bold red letters.

Time and again, despite doing that when I was younger, my doctors had given me some drugs that would lead up to sudden allergies after a procedure was performed. And I had always wondered why they forgot. It has serious consequences if not taken care of.

There was also this one time that I had a procedure done for my recurring sinusitis. This was when I was quite young. Maybe in eighth grade or so. Right after the procedure, I was given coffee. Or something that tasted like it. I can't tell. As soon as I had the drink, I broke out and my tongue got so swollen that I swore off coffee completely. He had to ask me to lie down and I spent a few days home.I still do not know what it might have been. But I can take coffee now but not so much. It does give me some gastro intestinal disturbances.

So I decided to investigate what foods need to be avoided if you are allergic to Sulfa.

This is not a consolidated list, this just happens to be a list that I compiled keeping some common allergens in mind. You  may or may not be allergic to the items on this list but you can keep them in mind.

Certain kinds of fish eggs, caviar
Packaged green leafy vegetables
Grape Juice
Pickled food
Peanut Butter

I am not allergic to most things on this list but I know that I cannot tolerate some of these foods if taken over a certain limit. You may not be allergic to them too but you can keep a watch out if you have any trouble eating them.



  1. Great post Pras :) My dad is allergic to sulfa.. this list will def come handy for me in need :)

  2. Thank you, Rekha. Is your dad allergic to any known food stuff?
    I can eat most of the items on that list but in small quantities. There was this once that I had two whole corn nobs and I started vomiting. So been extremely careful after that. Normally, I don't have trouble eating corn but I always limit it now.

  3. Wow!. I have never heard of Sulfa, but sure know some people who are allergic to crab & shrimps. Excellent and informative post, Pras!. Definitely helpful =)