Lakme True Wear Nail Polish classics 1 Sabyasachi Review , Not just another nail polish post....there is a small message attached which I would love everyone to read.

Lakme True Wear Nail Polish classics 1 Sabyasachi
Hi, Everyone :)

Few days ago, I came across a few girls bullying a boy wearing nail paint. It made me wonder and I went up to them to ask why they were being so mean to him. The younger of the lot immediately retorted,'Only girls wear nail paint, is he a girl?' I asked her to take a look at the nail paint bottle and if it had any instructions on it saying - Only for females. Perplexed, she looked at me and they all left. I took him aside. He looked embarassed. I told him I really liked the pretty coral on his toes. He smiled shying away.

I told him to take no note of bullies/people who tell you that you can't do something, and to tell them to mind their own business the next time they bullied him. He told me they would come again and insult him. I asked him why he needs to be embarassed if it's something he liked. 'Are you harming anyone in the process of painting your nails?', I enquired, 'Do you like colors? Then what's wrong in sporting what you like? It's your personality, let it shine.' He looked up at me at this time. I told him next time they come up to him tell them to mind their own business and also,' It's not your job to like me, it's me.'

He left feeling better.The thing about our conditioning and schooling is that we  are taught to become a uniform set of human beings. Am not saying schooling is bad but it leaves you uptight and restricted with a set of norms that you feel obliged to follow. I say, 'Break free!'

You have one life. You want to paint your nails, DO IT! You want to express yourself a little different, by all means Go Ahead! Don't let unkind people stop you. You may get a lot of stares but you are just being yourself. Stares and trash talk should not bring you down. Internally, I know that most of these meanies don't have the guts to do what you do. 
 Eventually people have to accept you for who you are, no matter the issue being nail paint, your profession, your personality. You just be you. And be happy. Be truthful, harm no one and just trust yourself to live a life of freedom. I'm all for gender equality too. I have seen issues online where people say such and such kind of people cannot do these things freely. I do not understand rules and restrictions. My blog is for everyone. If you are a guy, a girl, a transgender ...You are all treated equally here. My friends are all of communities, genders, it what you want. For me, they are all the same. Don't feel shy to comment, just say what you want in here. I appreciate all your comments and I get a lot of enquiries from boys in private emails but I would appreciate if you all felt less shy and commented in here too. Feel free. Be open. DO what you like.

So, back to the topic of this nail paint that I picked up. I think it's a lovely shade for all skin tones.

This particular nail paint has a great consistency, color and it lasts a long time. It is not prone to chip off compared to some other pricier nail paints that I've used.

This is how it looks after one coat. You get a lovely mauvey, slightly glistening and muted shade. It has undertones of copper and a baby blush pink shade to it.

Lakme True Wear Nail Polish classics 1 Sabyasachi 

This shade sure has a couple of dimensions to it. Also, if you wear beyond two coats, the pink in it disappears and it tends to become a deeper russet brown.

with two coats

with one coat
 MRP: Rs.90-100(depending on the rates and offers on sites)
Lakme True Wear Nail Polish classics 1 Sabyasachi
 It's a lovely, dense, deep muted shade. It can be worn for ceremonies like haldi, mehendi, functions.

You can achieve a goth look, if you are feeling it, when you apply three layers or more, pair it with a nice black tee and exotic dark kajal.

Lakme  Nail Polish classics 1 Sabyasachi

I remember applying two coats of it on my toe nails and I forgot about it for close to 12 days, when I remembered to look at my feet (i was having exams), I noticed the nail paint was still intact. Definitely one of those nail jobs you can do and forget about for days. No chipping or fading away.

The product description includes color lock technology and I think it's pretty good in the way that the color remains for days together without fading away.

I cannot the say the same for the other colors in this range as this is the only one I have tried so far and the color holds true without chipping.

Lakme True Wear Nail Polish classics 1 Sabyasachi

That's it, everyone. I think I have said and shown enough of what this product can do.

Do stay tuned for my next post on my shopping experience from the ongoing Myntra sale. It started on the 18th and I couldn't resist myself :P

Stay Blessed



  1. I agree some ppl just can't manage their own business. I really appreciate you got him rid off those girls. Lovely shade :)

    1. I hope they stay off him though. I remember being bullied on and off, it's very hard to shake off bullies, Megha.

  2. Love the color and love your post.. The way you stood up for that guy was truly amazing :)

    1. Thanks, Rajshree. I couldn't let it go, would have pricked at me.

  3. Bullies remain bullies no matter where you find them. Besides, gender stereotyping is a serious malady we need to get rid off. Many persons,especially in India, who claim to stand against this stereotyping are themselves, in practice quite the opposite.
    I am glad that you stood up for him and perhaps it is going to leave a better effect on both the parties concerned.

    1. I hope for a better and safer space for all those who want to express themselves. I can't imagine the torture and incapacity one has to endure when one cannot express themselves freely. It's a true form of slavery. thank you for your valuable comment, Nivedita. If only there were more of you. May your tribe increase. <3