Garnier Fairness Innovation White Complete Range #7DayGarnierChallenge review

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Today I am here with Garnier's biggest online sampling #7dayGarnier Challenge drive, that helps to enforces all their users to try out their range- The SPEED WHITE. Here are my thoughts about the same.
Garnier Speed White range
The products from the Speed White range include the White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream and White Complete Fairness Face Wash.

Garnier Speed White Fairness Cream and White Complete Fairness Face Wash
This range claims to provide instant glowing skin, protect the skin from the sun and prolong the glow over a period of time when you use the products in combination.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action fairness cream

Garnier White Complete Multi Action fairness cream
I was to have started this review two weeks ago but due to some unforeseen travel and an emergency, I am reviewing it this week. I will complete my 7 day challenge tomorrow but I would like to start my review and will continue updates after a month of finishing the product. For now, here is what I have felt.

The cream is enclosed in a sweet little light-weight cream pot. You can easily travel with it and just slip it in your handbag or travel gear too.
I have to admit this is not the first time that I am trying either product. When Garnier had launched the products, I had not yet started blogging, years ago. At the time, I had discontinued use as it just felt like a highly marketed whitening cream with great packaging.
This claims to be the new and improved version.
The cream is white, has the pleasant signature garnier fragrance which I quite like.
The formulation is luscious and quite thick. I have combination-oily skin type.
It takes a little while to settle in to my skin but not the way it used to earlier sit on top.
It instantly gives a whitened effect which I do not like.
But that settles down after twenty minutes or so.
For humid climates and my skin type, I feel a little angst when I can feel the cream on my skin.
I hope to see in future formulations that it just seamlessly evaporates...into my skin, ofcourse ;)
Dry skin types will love this formulation over the earlier ones.
When I started to use it, one of my aunts immediately asked me why I looked tanned while I was expecting her to say just the opposite.
I was a bit shocked because I felt I had in fact started to look less dull.
But she has seen me today over the course of the week and commented on the change in skin tone and that I was not looking as dull as the first day of use. She doesn't know that I am testing this new cream out, anyway. Also, I can't figure out the unexplained dullness when I just started to test it out.
Maybe lack of water, stress, travel could have all added to it.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action fairness cream
Overall, the cream has evened my skin tone by one shade. It's been close to 7 days of use.
But that's about it. It has also added some moisture and enhanced the glow a teeny bit. I will
be able to give a clearer picture within the course of the month. Stay tuned for the updates.

Garnier White Complete Multi Action fairness face wash

Garnier White Complete fairness facewash review
I have used this face wash earlier too. Many of my friends and colleagues still use this as their face wash.
I find the face wash very creamy. It will suit dry skin types. 
It has the same subtle fragrance as the cream.
It does a good job of cleaning up the skin but I feel it does not leave it squeaky clean.
I do feel a very light layer of cream or film deposits on the top layer of the facial skin. 
I have checked for Spf in the face wash to ascertain if that's why I feel that way but
could not find the same.
It does it's job as a face wash but I would like a non creamier version of the same :)
I don't think I have noticed a perceivable difference in skin tone with using this face wash.

Garnier White Complete fairness facewash review
Below are the list of ingredients that you can take a look at, to see if it will suit your skin.

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Here is a swatch of the creamy face wash. Am sure most of you have already tried this product :)

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The best part about these two products, I have to add, is that they have not broken me out at all. That is a big achievement on it's own for me.

Now comes the fun part for you all.
Take part in the #7daygarnierchallenge by registering for your free sample right here 
Go to this page, log in your details along with how you heard about the challenge from us, and share your experiences here with me at the end of the 7 day challenge. Let me know what you feel about the products. Is it a Yay or Nay for you :)

Honest opinions will be highly appreciated as we are all taking the challenge together. 
Please add your skin type in the comment section along with your comment, if possible.



  1. Very detailed reviews CC! :) You explained even the minute things about these. Even my concern was about the cream sitting-on-my-skin without sinking when I tried this years ago. Glad that they had changed the formula!

    1. Thank you, Lancy :) It is a far cry from the texture of those days. Definitely better formula. The cream can still be improved further with regards to texture and absorption.

  2. That's such a detailed review indeed. Sounds like a great product and I'm glad that your were honest in your approach.

    Style..A Pastiche! - New Post - Yoga

    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I try my best to describe the product as it is

  3. Hiya Pras!. Such a lovely review. I think I will fall in love with that cream however the face wash looks just a regular, not so special kind. Love your detailed reviews ♡

    1. Thank you, Naz. Looks like it suits your skin type. I hope to see a version from them for oily skin types soon <3

  4. I have the cream but had not used it yet. Alas all whitening creams gives slightly whitish cast to the skin.

    1. Megha, I have not come across a whitening cream that does not give the white cast either from the drugstore category.

  5. Ohh I hate it when that happens when products leave that film behind on the skin.. but love how honest this review is :)

    Chic Peachy Pink / Twitter / Instagram / BlogLovin' / Facebook

    1. I am using it regularly, it's quite good in all other aspects. Just not the one I would reach for when i want that squeaky clean finish. This is great for those with drier skin type. :)

  6. I was never a fan of garnier products but it has worked for many of my friends. Looking forward to know how it worked on you at the end :)

    1. Sure, Sindhu, it does work for many people. I suppose they all fall into the drier skin type and hence it works for them. I hope they release something for oily skin too :)