Urban Haat National Crafts Bazaar in Pilikula Part 2

So let's chat a little about the second and final edition of this series. I attended this event in the peak afternoon. I consciously wore sunscreen and carried an umbrella but it was so hot that it did not help much. But once inside this tiny enclave, you lose yourself in the beautiful array of work showcased and you tend to forget the heat.

National level craft Bazaar Pilikula

National level craft Bazaar Pilikula
This particular stall had T-shirts, cotton sarees and salwar suits all dyed without any chemicals. Apparently these colors are obtained only from natural sources. I was very impressed. All the suit materials you see in this picture cost Rs.600. The prices are fixed and the lady is not ready to bargain with you. The suit pieces seem rough to touch but she assures me that with one wash, it becomes soft.The cotton sarees are priced above Rs.1200.

Cotton sarees

Stalls selling tie and dye suit material
 There were few stalls that sold all kinds of beads, baubles, shells and vastu related items.


This particular stall is run by this sweet lady, she was willing to even customize and make the pieces I designed. She said it would take her just a half hour to get the design ready. 

Enterpreneurs at Urban Haar Pilikula
 I got most of my stuff from this stall below. They had the cutest brass jewellery. I bought four brass etched bangles and two cute owl earrings. Their prices were so reasonable. I wanted to get more stuff, mainly earrings but I refrained.

Brass earrings

Jhumkas of all kinds

Cane furniture

Stalls set up in Pilikula

aren't these just gorgeous!

colorful footwear

Lots of cotton night suits, skirts, pyjama pants, dhoti pants and blouses were on display. They were reasonably priced too.

Love that blue skirt.
 This stall was exceptional as all the beautiful purses, clutches and handbags, rugs were made completely of banana bark!!!

Banana bark products
 These were such marvellous sculptures in wood. Many people were buying them for home decor and restaurant set ups. They give an old world charm.

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pilikula national craft bazaar

I believe you should go see the place for yourself and if you do manage to visit before the Haat ends, do let me know how you liked it :)

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I truely enjoyed my visit and look forward to going again some time.



  1. I have been to pilikula so many times. but never got a chance to see such colorful exhibition. :). thanks for sharing.

    1. This is a recent leg I believe will be held over and over again. yaay for us :)

  2. Small villages have so many talents. Love to try these stuffs. I thought crafts villa market these type of products directly from villagers.

    1. Yes, in this case they want the villagers to be entrepreneurs in their own right and have no middle man market their goods. In this way they empower them directly and it's great to go encourage them and buy goods from the people who make it and have direct knowledge about what they sell. great initiative indeed.

  3. I have been to Pilikula quite a few times, I haven't seen this at all though. Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo- Chaicy

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    1. yes, it's a brand new leg of their show which they will be encouraging monthly from now, I hear.It's indeed great to see.

  4. Wow everything looks great. Love the Ganesha tshirt and jewellery :)


    1. Thank you , Megha. The jewellery was one of a kind. :)