Organic Indigo powder For SALE

Coral Crue Indigo powder
  For a limited trial period we are reducing the cost only for Indian orders ie Rs.225 for 100gm Indigo, Rs.150 for 100gm Henna and Rs.150 for 100gm Amla
We are proud to announce that we are selling high quality Organic INDIGO POWDER, Henna powder, Amla powder to color your hair in the most safe and effective manner at home. We are also selling Organic Coconut oil that is used for cooking and personal use.

Hair coloring using our Organic Indigo powder is a natural alternative for hair coloring minus the chemicals. It is 100% Organic and 100% Natural.

I have seen people purchasing what is known as Black henna in the market but I was warned by my mother not to use it because there is no such plant that gives black henna leaves, I enquired in many nurseries and found out that there is no such thing. But many trusted shop owners informed me that in black henna, a dye is added to give the black shade. I was shocked because that doesn't make henna organic or pure anymore. It becomes a chemical based dye. The customers are being fooled.

That's when I decided to start Coral Crue where we offer you the ability to purchase natural Indigo powder, Henna and Amla from this very website. If you would like to place your orders for the same, please mail me at or use the Blogger Contact form you can see on the top Right hand corner of this blog, right below the picture of the Indigo powder packet. We dispatch to all over India, Pakistan, USA, Dubai, Australia and the rest of the world that have a postal pin code.

Let's talk a little bit more about Indigo leaf powder as some of us are still unaware of the benefits of this lovely natural hair dye.


It is also called Neela Amari Herbal Hair Dye and is made from the sun dried leaves of Indigofera Tinctoria. After the process of sun drying, the leaves are crushed and milled to a fine powder and we pack it for delivery.

Most of us use henna which gives a deep orange color to our hair.

Using Indigo powder gives you a youthful and rich, more natural deeper shade in comparison to the stark orange shade.

Depending on how your hair condition and colour is, after the use of indigo, your hair gets a deep black or brown shade depending on the proportion of henna and indigo powder used, and also based on what your normal hair colour is before you start.

I have untreated hair which is a deep brown colour, it stained my hair pure black and I am happy with the results. My parents and grandparents have been using this powder for years and it was known to our family for generations together. It's no secret for us and we do not ever use chemical hair dyes. We all have great hair :) People always ask us our secret.

Detailed instructions are mailed to you, below is just an introduction about the usage of the product.

Points to Note and how to use:

Never refrigerate or freeze Indigo powder.

It contains no harmful chemicals or toxic metals.

Once the packet is opened please re-seal it tightly for further use as it should not be exposed to air.
Always use plastic gloves for your hands when using it as it will stain your hands black, make sure that you are not wearing your beautiful dresses when you apply this as it will stain the dye the dress or area where it falls. Take necessary precautions.

If it's your first time using indigo, first apply henna to your hair for over 6 hours. Please do not add anything to this henna like salt, herbs, eggs etc. You may add a little lime juice to the henna mix to make it give a deeper shade. Rinse the henna after few hours of application with water. Make sure that if you have any grey or white hair, all the white hair should become red from henna for indigo to do it's job.

Then mix the indigo leaf powder with some water to make a very thick paste like a thick mud pack. Apply it immediately and let it sit on your hair for minimum 1 - 1.5 hours. Make sure that you coat all the red hair(which was earlier white) adequately. Wash off with water. Indigo will take two days to oxidize and show the real colour. So please do not use any chemical shampoos till then else it will strip the hair of it's newly obtained black shade. Rinse only with water.

As indigo stains clothes and tiles, please cover all work surfaces and use an old dress when you are applying the same so that you don't make a mess.

That my dear friends is the secret to getting beautifully and naturally dyed hair that you can flaunt daily, at parties or special occasions.

Cost: Rs.500 for 200gm packet of indigo leaf powder(product is as seen in the picture)

Discounts are available on large orders. For a limited time period we are reducing the cost only for Indian orders ie Rs.400 for 200gm Indigo and Rs.150 for 100gm Henna/Amla

Delivery: Free to any part of India through VPP. You will have to send us your complete postal address with pin code and a working phone number. 

Payment: Cash On Delivery

If you require product urgently, we can send it through courier in which case payment will be to my account by only NEFT BANK TRANSFER. Kindly note we don't take cash deposits.

We also send the same products overseas to Pakistan, Middle East, USA, UK, Malayasia, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Russia and if you would like you may contact us for rates and shipping charges.

We also sell Organic Henna and Organic Amla powder. If purchased along with Indigo powder, the cost of  Amla and Henna are reduced to Rs.180 for 100gm each.

Detailed instructions will be mailed to you 


Try our products and be amazed at what natural hair colours can do for your hair, health and confidence.



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