St.Ives Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub Review

This is a product that I cannot rave enough about. When I was a teen, I did not have problem skin yet I still wanted to try out some facial products back then. Curiosity!
At that time I found this very affordable and talk about quality for that price. It was barely 8-9Dh in those days. Probably around Rs.90 back then. And it lasted me over a year, every year. The product has an incredible shelf life of I think around 10 years if I am not mistaken, it has a superior shelf life for sure.

I had bought this package in 2004 I think and it has lasted me till 2013 as I had lost it in between and bought another one. The packaging is old and the current one is a fresh white packaging but this is the one I recognize as I used it for so, so many years. There was some brand in India which was selling with the same packaging but I never tried that as I was sure it couldn't live up to the claim of St.Ives.
They have an incredible variety of products. I love their cucumber soothing eye gel but I can't find it anywhere now!! SADDDDD :(

Check out the date above...almost a decade old, huh :)

Back to the product. It's a cult product all over the world now and it's one of the best facial scrubs to have won several awards in the US and UK.
I don't think there will be far too many people who haven't tried this out. But I still want to review it because it is one of the oldest things I have used in my vanity. Atleast from the beginning of my time.

The packaging used to be this orange and blue tube with a flip open cap at the bottom, very easy to store and use. Currently if you buy it the packaging will be all white. You won't see this kind of packaging anywhere now for a St.Ive's product. If you do, then know it's old.
You can squeeze out just the amount you need, barely a pea size and flip back the cap on with ease.

The product is a nice, thick and earthy looking grainy scrub. The grains are thick as it's mainly walnut and apricot kernel grounds. So don't scrub your face harshly with it, go over your skin very gently in a circular motion and it will do. When I was younger I used to scrub like a cave woman. My face, ofcourse :)
Don't do that. I am sure those with sensitive skin will also be able to use this as it has no harsh ingredients.

The cleansing formula gently exfoliates, removes dull and dead skin to reveal smooth, radiant and healthier looking skin. All it's claims are true.  This swiss formula can be used for all skin types.
More than 90% of the product is made up of naturally derived ingredients. Splendid!
It includes Swiss glacial water and Swiss botanicals.
It has a very mild and gentle smell.

Note: The earlier formula used parabens but the current one doesn't have any parabens or sulfates in it. So it's a much more natural product now :)

It is a bit hard to find in all stores, you get it online though at rates ranging from Rs.235-359 for a tube.
I have also seen it in a large tub form but it's rare to find in stores.
I give it full marks, it's a star product for me and I will use it forever. I don't think I have across a better scrub than this to date. 
But if you have do let me know in the comments :)



  1. Cannot believe it lasted so long. I, too, enjoy St. Ive's skincare products. I also like grainy scrubs. This I will have to try - thanks for sharing!
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    1. hahahha a little went a very long way :) But I happened to lose it at one point and bought other cleansers and a re-stock of the same so that's why it lasted so long :) Merry Christmas :)

  2. I haven't tried it yet but will definitely try this summer! Nyc review <3

  3. St Ives makes the best scrubs! I love them but yes they are a bit difficult to find :(

  4. My My!
    5 Star Product! Seems Like a Must Try..

  5. Omgsh it has 10 yrs shelf life ...looks like a great product ! lovely review dear

  6. I have been using this scrub for quite some time now…it is well known and perhaps the best of all…Great review..


  7. I hv heard amazing reviews about this scrub and want to try it badly now...Love your review hun :) <3

  8. St.Ives is my favorite scrub ever!!!

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    Maybe we follow each other !?
    Let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

    Greetings <3

  10. Such a lovely product :) .. I would love to give it a try :)
    Nicely reviewed dear :)

  11. sounds great...i would love to try it!

  12. unfortunately they have changed the formula and it is no longer this grainy. I miss this version so much!!

    1. I really feel they didn't require to change this formula, it was perfect. Thanks Aatika :)