Pond's White Beauty Daily Spot-Less Lightening Cream Review

Yes, this cream is hard to find in sachets but I did not want to buy the full size when I saw it because of couple of not-so-great experiences I had with their recent line of face washes.
I picked up three sachets and used each one at different phases of my travel when I really needed a product that bespoke all these claims.

The main ingredient being the GenWhite formula, perhaps their claim to fame? Or shall we see?
A closer look at the ingredients and one can see a bevy of chemicals along with niacinamide, known for it's skin lightening properties.
The cream claims to be non-greasy working deeply to reduce the production of melanin which is the pigment responsible for skin darkening and uneven pigmentation. It claims to help lighten, brighten and fade dark spots. That simple, eh?

The cream itself is white in colour. It has a mild floral powdery sort of smell.
Texture at best can be described as a foamy-spongey-moussey finish.
It glides on the skin but can't be smoothed out effectively. It does leave a faint white cast if you go a little overboard.
It does not absorb easily into my combination skin and I can feel it layered on top of my face like it was slapped on.
This sits on top of my skin for an hour and then makes my skin want to get it off as soon as possible.
If I sleep with it on in an air conditioned environment, then I tend to feel comfortable about it.
Hence I tried it that way for several nights but every morning I woke up to skin that felt clogged up.
It may have lightened the skin a tad but no noticeable difference could be achieved with regular use of the same. 
I am on my third sachet, almost done with it but I wouldn't be looking at this again for the kind of claims made.
So I will not recommend this to you, my reader. Please do not waste your hard earned money. 
Try something else when it comes to getting rid of your spots.



  1. I will never try these creams as they can clog the pores and can also result in blackheads and whiteheads. Very apt review dear!

    1. Whoa! definitely don't need any skin issues than the one's we already have to deal with. Thanks for your comment, Niesha, I really appreciate your views on this :)

  2. I hate the white cast that certain Pond's products leave. I have experience with it. Also from that pic, i am just not liking it's texture at all!!. It looks cakey and moussey!. Haha. Nice and detailed review.. :)