Dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture Body Wash Review

Took me a couple of days to figure out what program I wanted to use to edit my pictures since now google plus has ditched some of their great features.
That, I have to say, resulted in the delay in posts for which I duly apologize but I've figured out what I need to do now and here comes a rain of reviews.
I love the Cucumber and green tea range from Dove. When it was launched a few years back, I hoarded everything Cucumber and green tea because I just loved the fragrance that much.
I really like the consistency, texture, fragrance and feel of this body wash. Especially love to use it in summers.
It is really creamy and lathers well.
Gives a clean feel and smells wonderful.
Dove has released several variants of this. I really like the pomegranate one too.
The lemon grass one is slightly disappointing in that department but nevertheless not too bad.
If one might compare it to their soaps it may not be as moisturizing but does a good job as a body wash.
I also hoarded on the Dove Go Fresh Cucumber Body mist but that was a thorough disappointment for me, fragrance-wise. I am just trying to finish that up now.
This was gifted to me so I do not know what it's priced at. 
Definitely would repurchase this variant.



  1. Sounds nice :) Will check it out :)

  2. I remember using this when I went to my aunt's place and I hadn't carried my body wash with me. She hoards Dove body washes but I didn't find this one particularly impressived either.. I had to slather on body butter after using this since I have dry skin. :)

    Loved the review <3

    1. It's good that you remember to use your body butters. I am so lazy, I hoard them and barely touch them but I really should :)

  3. I Have Used This and The Scent Is Just Ok!

    Nicely Reviewed :)

  4. I would love to try it!! :) Thanks for sharing this review Coral! :)

  5. I want to try their body washes!
    nice review:)

    1. Pretty lovely range of body washes, indeed, Garima :)

  6. lovely blog!!
    Do u wana follow each other on Google Friends Connect (GFC)? Let me know :)

  7. nice review..i would love to try..
    actually i love dove body wash...:)

    my recent one :

  8. I used this earlier and its pretty good!

  9. I haven't used this yet but sounds like a good one. I love anything that smells like Pomegranate too!