Movie Review: The Lunchbox

If you want to lose yourself to a narrated plot, then I would recommend this one.
It's not the naach-gaana typical Hindi movie. If you are expecting that, then this won't be up your alley.
But for people like me, it is the perfect fit.
I can't describe what exactly I look for in a movie but it has to be something that stirs one's soul, talks about time-lines in life and is relatable. For these reasons and more, I decided to spend last week watching Irfan Khan who plays a widower who is pretty much leading a lonely life but comfortable in his job and journeying to work.
He's brilliant to watch and I could just watch him for hours. So is the lead actress, Nimrat. She plays Ila, a lonely housewife whose husband is cheating on her. He always sees through her and she is pretty much treated like a piece of furniture in the household. Non-existent. So as luck would have it, her lunch dabba gets sent to Irfan who savours it and there starts a daily account of their life and times to each other. 
There sparks an affair with someone you can't see or haven't met but you suddenly feel alive knowing that someone out there is acknowledging you, your food and your existence. Which I feel is the most important take home from this plot.
Also a delight to watch is the ever-friendly, eager-to-please and nosy trainee played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui.
Even though it may not count to be the usual love story, it is in many ways. Though the main characters never meet, their souls do share something special. 
Deshpande aunty is a constant figure though you will never get to see her. We can relate to this as there are many unseen and unheard Deshpande aunties in and around our neighbourhood.
Actually I miss a Deshpande aunty and I want one, you barely need to interact with her except for passing a basket laden with stuff through a window. How convenient! Hey, come to think of it. I don't have a Deshpande aunty but a neighbour friend who never ever calls or meets me. But I know she is there. lol Sounds confusing right? Even though we are really close to each other but stay in different homes, we know the other person is there. How? Don't ask. It's just one of those relationships where you know they will be there till the end even by not being there.
There is this scene where a lonely Irfan is smoking and watching his neighbour's eat dinner, and the girl shuts the window. Such scenes are sprinkled all over the movie to make one think about how haunting it is to feel old, alone and forgotten. I really feel the saddest thing in life is to eat dinner alone. It really is. Can't tell you how beautifully Irfan has portrayed that.
I really enjoyed this watch and what it has to offer. If you have seen this and can relate to some other movies like this, please let me know in the comments, I would love to watch them.
Am so tired of seeing main stream cinema with the whole melodrama attached to it.
Many people completely seem to have missed the point of this movie. I was told it's a waste of time to watch it and so on. But I can't rave enough about how simple and beautiful it really is. Do watch it sometime. 

Ritesh Batra, Kudos on a wonderful effort and please make more movies like this. It's brilliant! 5/5 from me.



  1. Its been on my list since its release..u gave me all the more reasons to watch it..
    Wonderfully written!!

    1. thank you so much, I am glad you took to the review :)

  2. really loved the movie :) so touching!

  3. Sometimes the best movies happen to be the ones you can relate to. I agree with that point. A lot of people say that cinema is meant to be an entertainment and you can't expect logic or any connection with a character. I completely disagree. While mass entertainers are fun to watch, these movies are so refreshing and such a movie which makes you think about certain issues or reality helps appreciate life better. :)

    Loved reading your review :)

    1. All my friends used to tell me the same. Leave your brains aside and enjoy a movie. Doesn't matter what crap is portrayed. If that was the case i would have given up seen movies completely. These movies save me from negative entertainment. And completely refreshes me, it's almost like reading a good book. Makes you think, feel, connect and enjoy life more. One can really relate to it. So the enjoyment doubles. thank you for your thoughtful comment, Deeps. :)

  4. Great write-up :) .. I had been eyeing it but my workload don't allow me to :( I'm so eager to watch it now :D

    1. Thank you, Vipra. Hope you get some time off and you can relax and watch it.

  5. i really want to see this movie...beautifully written...loved the post

    check out recent one :

  6. I so want to watch this movie. Great review CC.
    BTW i have tagged you:

  7. Gosh! I'm Definitely Watching This Movie Now!

    "saddest thing in life is to eat dinner alone" - So True!

    I Like These Kinda Movies a Lot Other Than Those Masala Movies.. Infact, I Hardly Watch Those Regular Masala Movies

    Hope I Am Able To Watch This Soon :)

  8. Even I can hardly stand those ott masala movies a my nd Lunchbox seems to be right up my alley. I haven't watched it but have been wanting to do so for long time. You all the more convinced me that I should watch it now :)