Sweet Treat: KitKat Review

I am a confessed chocoholic. My best friend is worried about it. But I am not.
Because what I don't get in life, I get from chocolate. 
It really satisfies almost all my cravings and keeps my hormones in level. 
Please don't heed what I say here because it might be unhealthy for you.
I am just diving into my childhood love with no caution.
Most likely I will die eating a chocolate ice cream, so any of you who are coming to visit me on my death bed whenever it is, please don't get me flowers. Get me chocolate ice cream!!! 
Last wish yaar, please fulfill it. :)
So coming to my favourite chocolate, it has to be KitKat. Growing up in Dubai my dad made sure we always had a never ending stock of it. We were a bunch of very happy kids.
My favourite sweet treat was always KitKat. But the ones we get in India are disappointing in comparison to taste. I do not know why. The wafer is not as crunchy and the chocolate is not as chocolate-y!!
Why India WHYYYY!!!!!

Recently they changed the packaging to the foil you can see in the picture and I am pretty impressed with it.
But the taste has just improved by 15 per cent. It's not there yet in comparison to world-wide KitKats.
The Snickers, Galaxy and Mars all taste the same but not the KitKat. 
You guys at Nestle need to buckle up before I switch my loyalties.
Needless to say I have been gaining an unprecedented amount of weight eating something else. God save me and my chair that I have to sit on.

So I rate this one as : I can't get NO SATISFACTION!

What is your fav sweet treat, guys?



  1. I love chocolates too. This post was really cute :)

    1. Heard that the world is going to run out of cocoa in the coming years. I have to eat my shade, hence the review came up hahaha :)

  2. Replies
    1. Sahana, this is my first love. Hence the post :)

  3. haha...too cute! I do eat chocolates but sometimes:)

    1. Good for you, I can't control my urges, Garima.

  4. Haha!

    The Chair Line.. So Funny!! :P

    I Too Like Kit-Kat But I Like Perk More :)

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  6. Love chocolates as well! Need to have them around the house all the time :D
    You should give Kit Kat Dark a try. I love that sooo much more over this one

  7. I love it :) Yummiee Post sweets <3

  8. The beginning and end note of this post was so funny!. I love Galaxy, Mars and Ferrero Rocher. Love love them!. Nice post :). Oh btw, I agree with you that the taste comparison between the Kitkat here and the one in India is miles apart. Sad!